Purpose of the Commitment Sheet

The vision of CFC is to train workers for the Kingdom of God (Matthew 9:37-38). As our church desires to train up kingdom workers, it is necessary for those in the leadership of our church to attend Servants Meetings. Servants Meeting is the one place where the entire leadership of our church can pray together, address pertinent issues, and be trained together to love and serve the LORD, in alignment with our vision. The purpose of the commitment sheet is to clearly state the expectations for those who are involved in leadership roles in the church and for those who, in their desire to be trained, choose to commit to attend Servants Meetings.

Q. Who May Attend Servants Meetings?

Past Small Group Servants/Co-Servants/Servant Meeting Attendees SMA’s* who choose to be on active** status during a current term*** may attend Servants Meetings.

Q. Who is Required to Attend Servants Meetings?

Current Small Group Servants, Co-Servants and Ministry Heads. Agreement to serve in these leadership positions automatically places members on “active status” for the duration of their service.

Servants Meeting Attendance Guidelines

  1. Attendance:
  2. Unless otherwise stated, I am required to attend all Servants Meetings:

    Academic Terms***
    • Saturday mornings, 8:00 am to 12:30 pm
    • Thursday evenings, 9:15 pm – required only for Small Group Servants and Co-Servants who live in Champaign County; optional for all other participants (i.e., SMA’s, out-of-towners)
    Summer Terms***
    • Wednesday evening, 7:00 pm to 10:00pm

  3. Check-In:
  4. I must check-in on attendance records provided to verify my presence at every Servants Meeting.

  5. Excused Absences:
  6. All excused absences must adhere to the following:

    1. I will notify my Area Pastor at least seven days in advance (or as soon as I become aware of the conflict) via the official web-based absence request form. An official request must be submitted regardless of the reason for the requested absence.
    2. Valid reasons for an excused absence are limited to the following situations:
      1. Serious acute illness. (i.e., hospitalization)
      2. Exam or other required scheduled academic commitment that directly coincides with meeting.
      3. Scheduled employment-related commitment that is required and directly coincides with meeting.
      4. Wedding of an immediate family member. (i.e., brother or sister)

      (Exceptions may be made for emergencies or extenuating circumstances but must first be approved by the assigned Area Pastor.)

    3. In addition to the valid reasons stated in above, there is one discretionary excused absence allowed per term for a calling-oriented purpose (church/family/work). If another calling in my life does not necessitate an absence during a particular term, it does not “roll over” to the next term.

  7. Maximum Edification
    1. Lifestyle – As leaders in the church, our lives should be above reproach (1 Timothy 3; Titus 1) and edifying to others (Romans 14). We are making a commitment to the LORD to be good stewards of our lives in areas such as: social activities, personal relationships, private life, and academic/professional setting.
    2. Alcohol Policy – We believe that the consumption of alcohol can be a stumbling block to the effectiveness of our ministry and witness to others (Christians and non-Christians). Therefore, in joining the church leadership body and signing this commitment sheet, you are agreeing to not engage in the public consumption of alcohol. Doing so would be possible grounds for church discipline.

    *Servant Meeting Attendees: SMA’s are exempt from attending Bible Study discussion and Wrap-up portions of the Servant Meetings, but required to attend the Sharing and Praying portions. Typically, Sharing and Praying portions will take place from 8am to 10:30am during Academic Terms, and 7pm to 9:15pm during Summer Terms. (AFM small group leaders, who choose to attend the 7am “discussion and wrap-up” option, may also leave Servant Meetings after the Sharing and Praying portions.) 

    **Active Status: Indicates commitment to attend Servants Meetings for the current term in accordance with all guidelines stated above. A member must agree, by signing and submitting a commitment sheet for every term, in order to serve and/or be on “active status”, otherwise, they will be deemed “inactive”, prohibiting them from attending Servant Meetings. 

    ***Term: Time period of commitment, as outlined below: For the purposes of this commitment, the calendar year will be divided into two terms: 1. Academic Term: August to May. (“Active status” during this term includes completing the year-end evaluation.) 2. Summer Term: June through August

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